$275.00 each
$206.00 per unit when purchasing at least 3
$180.00 per unit when purchasing at least 5
$140.00 per unit when purchasing at least 10
$110.00 per unit when purchasing at least 20
$55.00 per unit when purchasing at least 50
$40.00 per unit when purchasing at least 100
$30.00 per unit when purchasing at least 200
$15.00 per unit when purchasing at least 500

Identify and repair common Active Directory security flaws!

ADsecurity gives administrators the ability to easily document, find, and fix their network’s security issues. And with a simple, client only installation, ADsecurity provides network security management without servers, agents, or other complications.


Well, it happened. You got the email this morning from your boss: "Hey, we need to figure out who has access to our data." "What data?..." you begin typing as you ready yourself for his inevitable response: "All the data. Everything."

That's right, your company is doing a security audit. It's all the rage nowadays. SOX, GDPR, you've heard all the buzz words. And as the lucky network admin, now you've got days to put together a comprehensive list of resources throughout your network, along with who has access to them, and what they can do with the data within. Every computer, every shared folder, every file. Active Directory user objects, contact records, mailboxes. Personal data resides all over the place. Where do you even begin?

ADsecurity highlights security issues, and fixes them!

You know about the principle of least privilege: users should be granted only the rights they need to do their jobs. All employees shouldn't have access to accounting data and your company's personnel data should definitely only be accessible to HR. It's important, but over the years even the most well-kept networks go astray. Users maintain access to project data long after they've moved on from the project. ACLs gets cluttered with invalid objects from long-deleted accounts leading to security leaks as well as decreased performance.

Harness the power of ADsecurity to get your network back into tip-top shape before the big audit. With a few mouse clicks, easily report on all your Active Directory ACLs, file and share ACLs, and even your Exchange mailbox ACLs. Identify common problems like invalid objects on the ACLs or in Owner fields, then fix them automatically with our Analyze & Clean tools. Gain insights into areas of your network with unnecessary permissions, especially where high-risks accounts are granted access to sensitive files. And, once you've used ADsecurity to get everything back in order, run one final report to show off the results to the auditors. You'll feel great, and they're sure to be impressed!

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