$695.00 each
$560.00 per unit when purchasing at least 3
$525.00 per unit when purchasing at least 5
$490.00 per unit when purchasing at least 10
$455.00 per unit when purchasing at least 20
$420.00 per unit when purchasing at least 50

Active Directory Management for the Rest of Us

Not every administrator needs a comprehensive tool that can do everything with Active Directory. But you'll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't want to make their daily Active Directory tasks just a little more bearable. Some tasks, like adding a set of new user accounts, modifying group memberships, or even performing periodic updates to your lists of business contacts simply aren't easily done with Microsoft's built-in management tools.

With a familiar user interface that echos the best parts of Active Directory Users and Computers, you'll feel right at home with ADHQ. Select the objects you want to modify from the tree, or import a list from a file, then launch one of ADHQ's tools from the ribbon. Fill in the options on each of the tool's pages, and you're ready to rumble. ADHQ completes your task, and you're taking a well-earned break!

ADHQ Features:

  • Bulk Management of Active Directory Users
  • Group and Contact Management
  • User Provisioning and Deprovisioning
  • Task Simulation and Scheduling
  • Office 365 Support

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