$1.00 per Active Directory Object

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Secure your Network in 3 Easy Steps

1) Scan Active Directory

RMR performs an in-depth scan of your network to quickly identify scores of real security vulnerabilities that have been used to attack real networks just like yours. Built on security guidelines from the United States Department of Defense, MITRE, and recommendations from industry leaders, RMR detects issues with the network itself, as well as issues with individual Active Directory users, security groups, computers, and organizational units.

Just a sample of the many vulnerabilities detected by RMR:

  • SID Filter Quarantining
  • Smart Card NT Hash Age
  • Anonymous AD Access
  • SID History Admin
  • Non-admins with AdminSDHolder Rights
  • Dangerous Lockout Policy
  • Insecure Password Policy
  • Users with Blank Passwords
  • Non-admins with GPO Rights

2) Fix Detected Issues

Eighty percent of the issues detected by RMR can be fixed automatically with a single click. For all the rest, detailed step-by-step manual instructions are provided so that you'll know exactly how to address each vulnerability encountered.

3) Continue Monitoring your Active Directory Security

Once you've secured your network, RMR helps maintain your secure status with daily scans. The results from these scans are sent directly to your inbox, so you'll always be aware of any new security flaws popping up.


RMR for Active Directory is licensed based on the number of objects in your Active Directory network. There are no limits with respect to the number of, or identities of the administrators. All licenses include technical support and updates to the latest version of the product through the life of the subscription.


The prices listed below are for a 1-year subscription, from the date of purchase. Multi-year subscription pricing is available on request. The minimum purchase is for 500 objects. Prices in US Dollars.

Number of Active Directory ObjectsPrice
1-1499 $1 each
1500-4999 $0.75 each
5000-9999 $0.60 each
10000-49999 $0.40 each
50000-99999 $0.25 each
100000+ $0.20 each

Return Policy: 10% fee for all returns after 30 days.

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