Letter from a Business Admin

I have been thoroughly remiss in writing a letter of acknowledgement and gratitude to Javelina Software for their incredible software product called ADtoolkit. The reason I chose ‘remiss’ as a depiction is due to the overwhelming and sheer amount of work ADtoolkit SAVED ME and money it has saved my clients.

I have been a systems engineer for over 15 years. Over the years, having had my hands in a cornucopia of product solutions, I had yet found a basic and intuitive utility which I could immediately apply until I was introduced to ‘ADtoolkit’ by Javelina Software… and I don’t say that lightly.

A bit over six months ago, I was contracted with a daunting task by a Fortune 200 business in preparing for their first ever Sarbanes-Oxley audit. In no small measure, because their security measures were in the dumps due to a multi-company merge, they effectively needed a complete restructuring of their entire Active Directory along with their 20tb file/folder infrastructure (i.e. resolving all their inconsistent ACL, orphan accounts, empty security groups, removing unused accounts and so much more.). In short, we had to completely restructure their entire Windows environment (15 sites, 100 servers, 1000 workstations, 300 printers, etc.). Another germane and intricate portion of this revamp was to provide regular and ongoing status reports as this environment matured.

After a disappointingly bout of testing evaluation products with limited features, I found ADtoolkit. Without going into great details, right off the bat, they provide a full evaluation version for testing which I immediately began using. ADtoolkit’s foot print didn’t require a super computer or a “necessary” instance of SQL to function – what a relief!

ADtoolkit accomplished what would have taken 4-5 months of mundane scripting and frustrating manual (fat fingering) work. Most importantly, ADtoolkit saved this company well over $200,000. Side note – this made me look good.

Javelina Software’s technical support is second to none. All my submitted questions were rapidly answered.

To give you an idea of how incredibly valuable ADtoolkit is, bar none, each person I tell or show ADtoolkit wants it!!!!

I would highly recommend ADtoolkit to any business or contractor who wants to take control of Active Directory and improve their overall speed of particle flow in their Windows environment. The ROI and ease of use ADtoolkit offers in truly knowing what is happening in your Windows environment is invaluable. If you’re a Microsoft administrator you need this tool.

Shawn May
Director of Information Technology