A Great Fit for Businesses

Javelina Software's Active Directory management products are a great fit for any business with an Active Directory network. Check out all these ways Javelina Software can help you:

  • Easily import and provision your new employees
  • Identify accounts that have not been used - and delete them!
  • Add employees to groups for easy management
  • Easily change AD attributes

Letter from a Business Admin

I have been thoroughly remiss in writing a letter of acknowledgement and gratitude to Javelina Software for their incredible software product called ADtoolkit. The reason I chose ‘remiss’ as a depiction is due to the overwhelming and sheer amount of work ADtoolkit SAVED ME and money it has saved my clients.

I have been a systems engineer for over 15 years. Over the years, having had my hands in a cornucopia of product solutions, I had yet found a basic and intuitive utility which I could immediately apply until I was introduced to ‘ADtoolkit’ by Javelina Software… and I don’t say that lightly.

Business Admins Say...


“What I like about ADtoolkit is that the report writer is intuitive so users can spend time working with the information instead of working to get the information."

Robert Blackwell, Field Support Analyst
Atmos Energy


“After a few mouse clicks and keystrokes the report I needed was complete, all in a matter of seconds. Where it would have taken hours, maybe even days, to compile by hand it was completely done in seconds in your product. No muss, no fuss. Instead of trudging away all day making DST fixes to servers manually, I spent a few minutes with a script and let the power of ADtoolkit reports do the rest. Javelina Software made.my.day!”

Jeff Honey, Network Administrator
PS America, Inc.