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The life of an Active Directory administrator isn't very glamorous. Frankly, some of the most common administrative tasks like making bulk changes to user accounts just aren't very fun. Even easy jobs can wear you down in time. Wouldn't it be better to pass these tasks off to your coworkers and use your newfound free time for something productive (like sleep)? That's where ADHQ Enterprise comes in. ADHQ, with its award-winning set of tools, offers a nice way to keep your Active Directory network as tidy as possible with a lot less work on your end.

One of the big problems with delegating tasks is ensuring that organizational standards are maintained throughout your network. In theory, you could fearlessly assign jobs to your coworkers, confident that they'll do exactly what you requested. But come on, how often does that happen? Miscommunication, insubordination, or simple typos invariably get in the way. With ADHQ Enterprise however, that doesn't have to be the case. Grab the control you've always dreamed of with the following delegation-centered features:

Delegation Features:

  • Create job-specific profiles for your users
  • Specify user permissions and UI customization options
  • Assign your users to one or more profiles
  • Take advantage of the Simple View, a new limited UI
  • Keep all of your users in sync with shareable reports, collections, and custom tools

ADHQ Enterprise Features

ADHQ™ is a Windows desktop application that eases the day-to-day management of Active Directory with an award-winning set of tools for common administrative tasks. Administrators can perform bulk changes to Active Directory objects from ADHQ's home view, or take advantage of ADHQ's renowned reporting engine to capture vital information about their network. Or, identify security flaws with the security view, and quickly repair any issues detected with ADHQ's Search & Replace tool.

And of course, what good is a management solution if you can't delegate tasks to lower-level administrators? ADHQ Enterprise satisfies this need with highly-configurable profiles, which allow you to specify who can use ADHQ, and exactly what tasks they can perform with it.

Key Features:

No matter how you use ADHQ, you'll minimize your task list while ensuring accurate, optimized management of your Microsoft Active Directory network.


The following images show some common applications of ADHQ Enterprise. Click the image thumbnails to expand them and read their descriptions.

Licensing and Pricing

Licensing Notes

ADHQ Enterprise is licensed per administrator, under a concurrent use model. There are no limits with respect to the identities of the administrators, or the number of objects that can be managed with the software. All licenses include technical support and updates to the latest version of the product through the life of the subscription.


The prices listed below are for a 1-year subscription, from the date of purchase. Multi-year subscription pricing is available on request. Prices in US Dollars.

Number of AdministratorsPrice
1-2 $795 each
3-4 $595 each
5-9 $515 each
10-19 $400 each
20-49 $320 each
50-99 $160 each
100-199 $120 each
200-499 $80 each
500+ $40 each

Return Policy: 10% fee for all returns after 30 days.

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