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ADxray is a FREE Active Directory Utility!

ADxray helps troubleshoot directory problems by providing access to attribute information at the core of Active Directory. Attribute data is disclosed in both its raw and interpreted format providing information that’s needed by both administrators and programmers alike.

Administrators who are troubleshooting network problems will find this product invaluable because they’ll quickly be able to search for, find and edit attributes. And, as programmers write scripts and/or products for Active Directory, they will have speedy access to the attribute names and values they need to execute their programs.


  • Displays entire directory tree: all objects and attributes
  • Provides extensive search capability for attributes and their values
  • Low-level editing capability allows for adding, removing and modifying attribute values
  • Supplies direct access to object property pages for MMC-like editing capability
  • Displays detailed attribute information including descriptions
  • Shows mandatory, optional, constructed and unset attribute views
  • Presents an interpretation feature that translates attribute values into comprehensible formats
  • Provides options to copy to clipboard, print to a report, or save to CSV file

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