Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How will ADxray™ help me?

    Helps administrators troubleshoot directory problems by providing quick access to attributes and their values

    Helps move attribute information from ADxray into scripts and spreadsheets

    Provides the attribute data needed for critical AD projects and reports

    Allows you to address attribute discrepancies immediately via editing capability

  • 2. What does ADxray™ do?

    Displays entire directory tree: all objects and attributes

    Provides extensive search capability for attributes and their values

    Low-level editing capability allows for adding, removing and modifying attribute values

    Supplies direct access to object property pages for MMC-like editing capability

    Displays detailed attribute information including descriptions

    Uncovers hidden objects such as deleted "tombstone" objects

    Shows mandatory, optional, constructed and unset attribute views

    Translates raw attribute values into comprehensible formats

    Provides options to copy to clipboard and save to CSV file