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ADtoolkit is still around, but it has a new name!

We've been hard at work adding new features, and ADtoolkit has officially outgrown its old name. Starting with version 8, ADtoolkit will now be known as ADHQ!

ADHQ has 3 editions: Enterprise, Professional and Lite. Those of you familiar with ADtoolkit will feel right at home with ADHQ Professional. It's got all the same features you've grown to love in ADtoolkit, and of course a bunch of new stuff too, including:

  • Support for Office 365 environments
  • A new Undelete tool
  • Hundreds of new built-in reports
  • Automatic updates

The second edition, ADHQ Enterprise, is perfect for those of you wanting a little more delegation abilities in the tool. ADtoolkit has had a long history of features intended to make life easier when multiple people are using the program. Truthfully, however, we’ve never been entirely happy with the way these features work together. After rewriting the program from the ground up in version 7.0, we finally had a platform where we could put multi-user functionality at the forefront of the design. The result of this vision is ADHQ Enterprise, which does everything that ADHQ Professional does, and also includes the following multi-user focused additions:

  • Profiles, a new delegation method to control which users can perform what actions with ADHQ
  • An Admin Console, to manage tthe ADHQ service and setup profiles
  • The Simple View, a new type of user interface for users that don't need access to all of ADHQ's features
  • Sharing levels, to allow you to easily share reports, collections, and custom tools with other ADHQ users

Our final new edition, ADHQ Lite, is designed for folks who need the power of ADtoolkit's bulk account management but are willing to sacrifice reporting and a few other features to save money.

If any of these new versions sound interesting to you, click the link below to read more about ADHQ. We'd love to hear your feedback about the next generation of ADtoolkit! If you have any questions about how the change to ADHQ will affect your current licenses for ADtoolkit, give us a shout at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Learn more about ADHQ