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Javelina Software's latest release of ADtoolkit gives Active Directory administrators the ability to easily reset admin passwords on remote workstations and servers

(Edgewater, MD - 4.29.2009) Javelina Software, LLC, today announced the release of version 5.0 of ADtoolkit, a collection of strategic Active Directory (AD) management tools, designed to simplify the daily administration of AD. ADtoolkit v5.0 provides relief for Active Directory Administrators who face the daunting task of keeping administrator account passwords refreshed in a distributed network.

Administrator accounts, which exist on every Microsoft platform since the introduction of Windows NT, are arguably the largest security hole in an Active Directory based network. These privileged accounts provide unlimited access to their host machines and cracking just one of these passwords can often provide access to the entire network. Before ADtoolkit v5.0, administrators were forced to manually change administrator passwords on a regular basis, which is too time-consuming to be practical. And while some automated tools exist for this task, they can be prohibitively expensive.

Javelina Software credits the release of ADtoolkit V to their customers who actively provide feedback. “One of the hot buttons for all our customers is security, so we have added the ability to manage local admin passwords at a price that administrators can embrace in today’s economy,” says Dave Ritchie, President of Javelina Software.

This latest version of ADtoolkit addresses this issue with a new, easy-to-use tool, which can reset the administrator password on any and all local systems throughout your AD network. And, like all other ADtoolkit tools, this task can be scheduled to reoccur on a regular basis. With ADtoolkit V, you can take a thousand plus machines on your network, choose a password (or use random passwords), click a button, and the task is done. And, one of the largest security holes in your network has been plugged.

ADtoolkit V is full of new features, one of which is the added support for WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) for reporting on local machine information. With the addition of WMI, AD administrators can now access more information about the internal state of their computer systems, such as BIOS settings, processor info, and service pack IDs.

Security tool for Active Directory Administrators allows end-users to reset their own passwords

(Edgewater, MD – 07.15.2008) Javelina Software, LLC, today announced the addition of ViperGuard to their line of Active Directory tools for network administrators. This latest tool directly addresses the number one help desk ticket: password resets. By empowering users through self-service, ViperGuard eliminates costly help desk tickets while maximizing security and improving efficiency.

The ViperGuard system allows end users to unlock their own accounts and reset their own passwords by simply answering a few previously configured questions. When an end user forgets their password, they simply click on a button on their logon screen and are instantly linked to the ViperGuard Reset Password web site. The web site steps them through the process of authentication by asking them a few questions and allowing them to select a new password for their account. The web site in turn connects to a secure back end service, which performs all the required authenticating, account unlocking, password resetting,
auditing, and emailing.

From the outset of development, ViperGuard’s focus has been on ease of use for administrators as well as end-users. David Ritchie, President of Javelina Software states, “One of the major design goals for ViperGuard was to simplify the installation and management of an otherwise very complicated system.” To that end, several new concepts and technologies were developed to simplify the entire ViperGuard system. From the simple yet powerful Single Point Install to the automated Enrollment Reminder Application, ViperGuard boasts numerous innovations to make the user’s life simpler.

Of course, Javelina Software hasn’t forgotten all the other administrative needs. For example, ViperGuard has in-depth event logging with an extremely customizable audit viewer to satisfy the most thorough of security audits. Also related to security, administrators have the ability to lockout system abusers by IP addresses, account name or both. Other features include a built in email engine to support sending enrollment reminders as well as warning administrators of key events like failed password resets. Of course, there are numerous reports available too, such as Enrolled Users and Un-enrolled Users and Password Resets. And last but not least, Javelina Software has also included customized logon prompts for all the latest Windows platforms including Windows Vista.

ADsecurity provides Microsoft Active Directory Administrators tools to maintain a secure network

(Edgewater, MD – 012.27.2007) Javelina Software, LLC, today announced the addition of a new product, ADsecurity™, a set of tools specifically designed to help IT administrators manage their network security. With ADsecurity’s reports and tools administrators have the ability to locate, document, and repair security rights in an Active Directory network.

ADsecurity contains dozens of pre-configured reports with the ability to report on Security rights for Files and Shares, Active Directory Objects, and Exchange Mailboxes: the exact information needed to comply with government regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Increasing network security is a top priority for many companies. It is imperative for large companies to maintain a separation of data. Human Resource files contain personal data that should only be accessed by an HR representative and most companies don’t want open access to their accounting files. With ADsecurity IT administrators can pull up a report that will document who has access to what folders and files. Prior to ADsecurity many administrators spent hours fumbling with spreadsheets and screenshots to document who has access to a particular folder and now it takes seconds. And to make the reporting process even more convenient, all reports can be scheduled to run automatically and even e-mailed automatically, via SMTP or Exchange, making it easy for administrators to relay the information to auditors.

ADsecurity also includes several tools to analyze and clean network ACLs. These tools can scan through the ACLs on Files, Shares and Active Directory Objects and find empty or missing ACLs, invalid or deleted SIDs in ACEs, and several other common security problems. And, many of these problems can be automatically corrected with the very same tools.

Javelina software continues to prove through ADsecurity that they are serious about helping IT administrators manage their everyday tasks such as network security. “We pride ourselves in providing the tools necessary for Active Directory administrators to effectively manage their network.” states David Ritchie, President of Javelina Software.

Updated tools include automated tasks that raise Microsoft Active Directory Administrators productivity to a new level

(Edgewater, MD – 09.27.2007) Javelina Software, LLC, today announced the upgrade of all ADtoolkit Elements from v3.0 to v4.0.ADtoolkit Elements provide the task specific tools necessary for administrators to manage bulk processing of Active Directory (AD).This latest upgrade, based on the award winning ADtoolkit v4.0 engine, contains a host of new features and tools enabling administrators to comply with the growing demands in managing Active Directory.

With the enhanced scheduling and importing, Active Directory administrators can now schedule tools and reports to run at a predefined time in order to keep up with daily employee changes. For example, an HR department might update a file every time a new employee is hired. This data could then be imported by the Add Users tool, which was previously scheduled to run once an hour or once a day. Thus, new user accounts are created automatically and the Active Directory administrator needed only to schedule the process.

The updated Elements also provide greater functionality with the addition of multi domain support, Vista support, Exchange 2007 support, enhanced e-mail support, and tons of new reports, including reports on local admins, locked out users, password expiration dates, logon hours, and much more.

ADtoolkit Elements continue to provide administrators with the specific tools they need to better manage the demanding tasks of Active Directory. David Ritchie, President of Javelina Software states, “We are excited about the impact this new release will have on easing administrator’s workloads in Active Directory and increasing their daily productivity. We love it when our customers tell us that with our product they completed a task in less than an hour that would have taken them weeks.”