Javelina Software, specialists in Active Directory management tools, announced today the release of RMR for Active Directory (RMR), a tool for securing Active Directory networks by identifying and eliminating security problems within the network. RMR operates much like a virus scanner, scanning each object in your Active Directory network to determine if an attacker can exploit them to infiltrate your network or escalate their privileges. And, after the scanning process is complete, RMR can immediately remediate those problems with automated one-click fixes.

Active Directory (AD) security has changed greatly over the past twenty years and frequently what was once a default setting or a best practice is now known to be a vulnerability. Without deliberate intervention these insecure settings accumulate over time and result in a network filled with well-known security holes. In addition to these vulnerabilities, most AD networks have a number of shadow admins, i.e. unprivileged users who, through a combination of access rights and group memberships, can escalate their privileges to that of a Domain Admin. Finding and eliminating these vulnerabilities and shadow admins is the core focus of RMR.

Pricing and Availability

Available now via download directly from our website, RMR is licensed based on the number of scannable objects within the domain (users, groups, computers, and OUs). Pricing for an annual subscription starts at just $1.00 per scannable object with a minimum quantity of 500. And to celebrate this initial release of RMR, we are offering a 50% discount for all orders received before August 31, 2023.

For more information about RMR for Active Directory, check out the resources below.

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About Javelina Software

Javelina Software has been simplifying Active Directory management for demanding enterprises world-wide since 2002. The company’s flagship product, ADHQ, focuses on bulk management and reporting for both native and hybrid Active Directory environments. With the release of RMR, Javelina Software has focused its 20 year of Active Directory experience on addressing one of the most pressing problems for network administrators: securing the network.