Javelina is proud to announce today the release of ADHQ Lite, the latest addition to our ADHQ family. Built on the same foundation as the Professional and Enterprise editions of the product, ADHQ Lite includes all of the tools needed to manage your Active Directory users, groups, and contacts, in bulk from a simple, familiar user-interface. Browse through Active Directory from the Home View to view and modify the properties of individual objects, or take advantage of a powerful attribute-level search and replace feature to easily identify and update values throughout your network. And of course, ADHQ Lite provides flexible task scheduling so you can run these tools as often as your heart desires.

The shining jewel of ADHQ Lite is its Collections view, a powerful interface designed specifically for creating and modifying dynamically-defined sets of Active Directory objects. Collections can be specified explicitly with a list of objects in an import file, or defined with a filter to ensure the set of objects is always up to date. Simply select one of dozens of built-in collections, and take immediate action on objects scattered throughout your directory. Ever wanted to send an email to everyone with outdated passwords? Open the "Users with Old Passwords" collection and select the "Send an Email" tool from the ribbon. A couple clicks to customize the message, and the job is done. Spending hours updating user accounts, group membership, and even outdated business contact records just became a relic of the past.

A benefit of being built on the same foundation as the rest of the ADHQ family is that ADHQ Lite inherits some great new features from ADHQ Professional and Enterprise editions. Included in this list is the ability to create and manage Exchange 2016 mailboxes, a new Undelete tool for restoring accidentally-deleted objects, and a set of features for managing hybrid Active Directory/Office 365 environments.

And there's even more coming soon. We're still hard at work adding new features and thanks to a new framework for installing updates, you'll see them immediately. ADHQ Lite is coming into the world with automatic updates enabled by default, forgoing the need to manually check if new updates are available and ensuring that you'll always be running the latest and greatest version available.

Ready to give ADHQ Lite a test drive?

Download the software from our product page here: https://www.javelinasoftware.com/products/adhq-lite

If you have any questions about the new product, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-397-5484.