Javelina is proud to announce today the latest edition of our Active Directory reporting tool, ADreporter. We've been hard at work adding lots of new features to the tool, and you'll be thrilled (we hope) to see the result. ADreporter 8.0 contains a large set of new common properties that can be reported on, or used to filter report results. Some new properties make it easier to report on common values of Active Directory attributes (Allow Logon Always, When Deleted, Is Password Expired, etc), while others expose brand new values to ADreporter administrators. The latter list includes several dozen new properties for Exchange 2016 and Office 365 environments, as well as some new security values like "Is Password Empty" to detect accounts with no passwords and "Inter Domain Trust Account"/"MNS Logon Account" to detect special purpose user accounts.

To properly show off these new properties, we've made a big change to the set of built-in reports. We've finally stepped away from our existing flat list of reports and moved into a complex folder structure. This change allowed us to add new reports without the root level of the report tree feeling overwhelming. In total, we've added over 320 new reports, all categorized into folders to show related reports together. Some long awaited new reports include "Users with Photos" (that's right, reports can show pictures now), "Passwords That Will Never Expire", and "Users Not Protected From Accidental Deletion".

A long-standing item on our enhancement list has been the ability to run scheduled reports more than once a day. This restriction has been in place to ensure compatibility with older operating systems, but the end of support for the affected systems allows us to take advantage of some more advanced scheduling options. In addition to running reports multiple times a day, ADreporter now allows users to set expiration dates for their tasks, and to choose whether tasks should be deleted automatically after that expiration date.

Ready to give ADreporter 8.0 a test drive?

Download the software from our product page here: https://www.javelinasoftware.com/products/ad-elements/adreporter

If you have any questions about the update, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-397-5484.