Today, Javelina is announcing the next generation of ADtoolkit with the release of two new products: ADHQ 8 Professional and ADHQ 8 Enterprise. Built from the foundation introduced in ADtoolkit 7.0, these products continue Javelina's goal of simplifying Active Directory management for both single-user and multi-user environments. We've extended our Exchange support to Exchange 2016, and introduced new features to help users with hybrid Active Directory/Office 365 networks. Another big change is a brand new set of reports including some long-requested new arrivals like "User Photos" and "Users with Blank Passwords". ADHQ Reports are now sorted into folders, making it easy to locate related reports.

A highly anticipated feature is the Undelete tool, a way to quickly restore previously deleted Active Directory objects from the Deleted Objects folder. Simply select your accidentally deleted object from the Home View, then launch the Undelete tool to immediately bring the object back to life with the same account name and SID. Administrators of domains with a functional level of at least Server 2008 R2 can take advantage of the Active Directory Recycle Bin to have ADHQ recover almost all attributes of deleted user accounts, allowing users to get right back to work as soon as their account is undeleted.

ADHQ version 8.0 introduces automatic updates, which are enabled by default for new installations. This feature allows administrators to ensure that they are always running the latest version of the product, forgoing the need to manually check if new updates are available. Now in version 8.0, ADHQ will detect and download updates in the background while running, and install when the program is next launched.

The direct successor to ADtoolkit 7, the Professional version of ADHQ contains all the tools and reports you need to master Active Directory plus a host of helpful new features for the harried Active Directory administrator, including:

  • Office 365 Support - New tools and reports to handle your Office 365 users and licenses
  • Undelete Tool - For those times when you're a little too quick with the Delete button
  • New Built-in Reports - Over 300 new reports including Users with Blank Passwords, User Photos, 60+ Exchange reports, and dozens of Office 365 reports
  • Exchange 2016 Support - Create, delete and report on Exchange 2016 mailboxes and their contents
  • Automatic Updates - So you're always using the latest and greatest version

While the Professional version contains all the tools a top-level administrator needs to master their workload, it lacks the ability to share that workload with lower-level admins. That's where ADHQ Enterprise steps in with its profile-based delegation. Listed below are some of ADHQ Enterprise's key features:

  • User Profiles - Specify who gets to use ADHQ, what tools and reports they can access, and which users and OUs they can manage
  • Admin Console - Monitor program use, control licensing, and set up the profiles
  • Customizable UI - Limit access to ADHQ’s advanced features, set default values, and ensure data integrity
  • Resource Sharing - Easily share reports, collections, and custom tools with other ADHQ users

Not sure which version is right for you?

Take a look at our feature comparison page:

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