Javelina Software today announced the release of the latest version of ADtoolkit, the company’s Active Directory management and reporting solution. Simplified Active Directory management comes in the form of three new additions: improved daily management of single Active Directory objects, dynamically defined collections of objects, and a new tool editor with advanced templates and auto-generation. From creating and provisioning a single user to moving an entire OU of objects from one location to another, ADtoolkit is now the all-inclusive Swiss army knife of Active Directory management.

A weakness of previous versions of ADtoolkit was the lack of an easy way to view and modify the current state of selected objects. This required users to rely on other tools, impeding their daily workflow. ADtoolkit 7.0 addresses this oversight with the addition of Property tools, which display an object's attributes in a simple graphical interface.

Another area of ADtoolkit strengthened in the new version is the tool editor, which can be used to build customized tools from individual operations. For example, a custom tool for creating freshman user accounts could be designed to auto-generate the user’s full name, display name and logon names, add the user to the appropriate groups, provision their home directories and shares, create their mailbox, and setup their remote desktop settings. Once the tool is configured, adding a freshman account is as simple as typing in a first and last name and clicking the Run button.

Bulk management has also seen major improvement with the addition of collections, dynamic groups of AD objects defined by a list of locations and filters. Collections greatly simplify modifying groups of related objects. For example, to locate and disable all inactive users in AD, simply select the Inactive Users collection and click on the Disable tool. ADtoolkit dynamically locates all inactive users within the current domain and disables them.

With this new release of ADtoolkit, Javelina Software continues to streamline AD management. “Our primary goal is to make life easy for administrators. Enhancements like our new tool editor and collections are helping us reach that goal,” says Dave Ritchie, President of Javelina Software. “ADtoolkit is quickly becoming the only tool needed to effectively manage Active Directory.”

Pricing and Availability

ADtoolkit version 7.0 is available immediately and is a no cost upgrade for all users with a current technical support contract. New customers can purchase ADtoolkit at a cost of $1295 per license (concurrent use), with volume discounts available. A fully functional, 15-day trial version can be downloaded at: http://www.javelinasoftware.com/download.

About Javelina Software

Javelina Software has delivered Active Directory management tools for demanding enterprises around the world since 2002. ADtoolkit, which now provides daily management in addition to bulk management and reporting, is the company’s flagship product. The ADelement products (including ADusers, ADsecurity, ADgroups, ADcontacts, and ADreporter), each contain a subset of the tools found in ADtoolkit. ViperGuard is Javelina’s solution to the number one help desk issue: password resets.

For more information about ADtoolkit, please visit http://www.javelinasoftware.com/adtoolkit7features

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