Installing ADHQ or upgrading from ADToolkit

6 years 4 months ago #253 by JayGriffin
Is ADHQ a fresh install or is there an upgrade path from AdToolkit 7?

Sorry - I looked around but did not see any documentation on the install process.

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6 years 4 months ago #258 by TSAdmin
Hi Jay,

The ADHQ 8 install doesn't actually upgrade ADtoolkit 7 but installs to a different directory. For this reason it is safe to have both versions installed on the same machine without conflict.

Reports, Tasks, and Collections - ADHQ includes an import feature for both Reports and Tasks and Collections can be easily copied from one install to another.

Access the File drop down menu, choose Options, then Reports where you will see and Import button at the bottom of the page. Using this you can choose to Add Reports or Add Folders, giving you the ability to import just some or all of your version 7 reports. The browser will by default open at the Reports level directory in the ADtoolkit 7 install, however you can choose a different You can import some or all of your reports and they will be placed in an folder called Imported Reports in ADHQ 8.

From the Scheduled Tasks View, there is a Right Click menu available. In the left pane where the Scheduled Tasks are listed, right click and you will be presented with a menu to allow you to choose Import Task(s) You can choose to import some or all of the tasks.
If you have not saved credentials in the version 7 tasks, then you will have to enter those for each task once they are imported. The task import process is only available if both ADtoolkit and ADHQ are installed on the same machine.

There is not an automated import for collections, however it is easy enough to manually copy them from ADtoolkit 7 to ADHQ 8 using Windows Explorer. Locate the directory - Program Data\Javelina Software\ADtoolkit 7\Collections and there you will find a folder for each object type where the collection named xml files are. You can copy those xml files to the appropriate object type folder in Program Data\Javelina Software\ADHQ 8 Pro\Collections.

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6 years 4 months ago #260 by JayGriffin
I would add 1 more thing.... if you import scheduled tasks, delete your old version 7 scheduled tasks from Windows / Task Scheduler.

ADHQ puts the version 8 scheduled tasks in Scheduled Tasks \ Javelina Software \ ADHQ 8 Pro.

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