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8 years 11 months ago #198 by mmace
We have quite a few reports running, however we've noticed if they run as an automated scheduled task they miss things, if we run the scheduled task manually they work fine. Any ideas?

for example, we have one that pulls out all AD users and 10 fields of info from 4 domains, sometimes none will pull out field 10, sometimes 1 or 2 will, all other 9 fields are ALWAYS OK on all domains, just field 10 that's missing. Run the scheduled task manually and it's fine.

another example, we pull usernames (with certain filters) from all 4 domains, a few people are missing, run the task manually and they are there, next time it runs automatically they could be there and others are missing (nothing has been done to these user's AD accounts in the meantime.

it all seems very odd.

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8 years 11 months ago #199 by TSAdmin
We have not had any reports of anything similar. Without more info, it would be difficult to determine the cause. Please contact support directly and we'd be happy to help. 302-422-0230

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