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9 years 3 months ago #190 by iamwedgie
I'm not a proficient user of AD Toolkit, but the product is in use within our environment. We have a requirement to reset the passwords for over 100 users and I can see in the FAQs that allegedly AD Toolkit supports this using a csv input, but there doesn't seem to be a great deal in the way of help and the example suggests using a file containing first name, last name, password. That just doesn't seem as if it would work, as those attributes are no required to be unique.

Has anyone actually run a bulk user password change using an input file? If so are you able to provide any guidance?

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9 years 3 months ago #191 by TSAdmin
I apologize if there is confusion in the FAQ with regards to importing user passwords. Instead of using First Name Last Name to identify the user in the csv file, it is best to use one of the unique user names so there is no chance of encountering a duplicate name during import. YOu can use: cn, distinguishedName, sAMAccountName or userPrincipalName. The csv import file can contain just the 2 columns - a name to identfiy the user and Password. In version 6, use the Reset Password tool to import the file and execute. In version 7, use the Import User Changes tool.

If your requirement is to set the password for all the users to the same password, you can import the user names only and enter the password in the interface.

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