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10 years 4 weeks ago #178 by tfxluc
Hello there,
I seem to not be able to find a way to do the following:
If XXX is in Company Attribute write or remove YYY into Department Attribute..

If their's no options to do something like this, what would be a fast way to do changes like these in bulk??

Thanks in advance

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10 years 4 weeks ago - 10 years 4 weeks ago #179 by JavelinaWade
Hi Luc,

Yes, you can do this with ADtoolkit, but unfortunately not in one step. You'll have to do something we like to call "Round Trip Reporting". That is, run a report to generate the list of objects you wish to modify, then import that list into one of our other tools to modify the object(s).

In this case, you'll want to run a report to show the Distinguished Name for any users that have a Company attribute containing XXX. Create a new report, or create a copy of a report that already shows the Distinguished Name column by right-clicking on the report and selecting Copy/Paste. The built-in report User Names in Various Formats already has a Distinguished Name column if you'd prefer to work off of that one. Just create a copy of the report, then modify the copy to remove the other columns.

You'll have to add a filter to the report to limit its output to show only the users you're interested in, so modify the report and go to the Filters tab. Add a filter [Company contains the words: XXX] and click OK to save the report.

Run the report to create your list of users to modify. Once the report is complete, you can save the output to a file and use that file to specify a scope for any of our other tools.

For your example, we'd use the Modify User tool to set the Department attribute of the users. Go to the Select Users tab and click the Import button to import the list of users from your report. Then, on the Personal tab, check the box next to Department and enter YYY in the corresponding field.

Run the tool as you normally would, and you should be all set.

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