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1. What is RMR for Active Directory?

RMR for Active Directory (pronounced “armor”) is a desktop application that secures your Active Directory network by exposing and closing dangerous security holes. RMR’s sophisticated scanning engine combs your network for scores of issues that have been used to attack Active Directory networks like yours, such as: non-administrators that can grant themselves administrative rights, computers with insecure settings, and users with blank passwords. Allow RMR to analyze your domain to locate these issues, and then, after the scan completes, review your results and fix the issues detected with a single click. With a tool this simple, there’s no excuse to leave your network vulnerable.

2. Minimum Client Requirements

RMR has the following requirements:

3. Installing RMR for Active Directory

Installing RMR software:

To install the RMR software, follow these steps:

Uninstalling RMR software:

To uninstall the RMR software, follow these steps:

4. License and Legal Information

Please see the license file for the complete licensing and legal information.

5. Version History

Please see the RMR for Active Directory version history file for a complete version history.

6. Getting Help

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7. Feedback

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