Welcome to Javelina Software's ADHQ Enterprise Version 9.0

1. What is ADHQ Enterprise?

ADHQ Enterprise(tm) simplifies Active Directory (AD) management by providing administrators with the tools to modify AD objects, the reports to monitor AD status, and now the profiles to delegate AD tasks. Using the Admin Console you can create and enable profiles that define what tools and reports are accessible to which admins and what portion of AD those admins may access. The tools, reports, and the entire UI can be customized to match the specific needs of the profile members. We've also included sample profiles, such as the Password Reset Admin, for you to use directly or copy and customize as needed. Of course, the Enterprise version contains all the same powerful features found in our Professional version such as the bulk import of AD additions and changes, a Search and Replace engine for quickly finding and fixing AD problems, a set of Security Tools for analyzing and cleaning ACLs, extensive reporting capabilities with over five hundred built-in reports, and much more.

2. Minimum Client Requirements

ADHQ has the following requirements:

Office 365 and/or Exchange 2016 require the following items to be installed. The installer will attempt to automatically install these items, but may not always succeed. If you wish to manage Office 365 or Exchange 2016 you will need to ensure these components are also installed.

3. Installing ADHQ Enterprise

Installing ADHQ Enterprise software:

ADHQ Enterprise is comprised of three different pieces of software that must be installed in order to use the product. You must first install the service and admin console to a server machine using the service install program. Afterwards, you should install the client software to your administrator's workstations.

To install the ADHQ Enterprise service software, follow these steps:

To install the ADHQ Enterprise client software, follow these steps:

Uninstalling ADHQ Enterprise software:

To uninstall ADHQ Enterprise software, follow these steps:

4. Known Issues

5. License and Legal Information

Please see the license file for the complete licensing and legal information.

6. Version History

Please see the ADHQ Enterprise version history file for a complete version history.

7. Getting Help

For any assistance, please contact Javelina Software at:

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support: 1-800-397-5484
sales: 1-410-798-9907
fax: 1-410-798-5425

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8. Feedback

If you have any suggestions, comments, bugs, or concerns to report, please send your feedback to: [email protected].