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expand or collapse ribbon what are common properties child attributes using templates using backup templates formatting attribute values with %formattext% creating filters filter examples modify custom tools menu attribute list configuration and schema folders export list of child objects modifying collection scope collection filters rename a collection see items in a collection running builtin reports modifying report scope report filters sending report output files via email making custom tools read only testing custom tools office 365 support creating an office 365 mailbox office 365 block sign-in product doesn't recognize my office 365 users types of accepted import files adding or removing values from multi-valued attributes in import files importing street vs streetaddress file menu in the advanced view register software dialog check for updates automatic updates manage workspaces dialog workspace editor workspace tool editor advanced view collections collections view layout collections view ribbon collections tree collection pane home tab layout home tab ribbon active directory tree child objects and attribute tabs options, add digits options, browsers options, directory options, domains options, email options, exchange 2016 options, import options, ldap options, log files options, office 365 options, passwords options, report output options, servers options, tool output reports tab ribbon reports tab tree reports tab properties pane reports tab preview pane report wizard security tab layout security tab ribbon security tab tree security tab properties pane security tab preview pane security report wizard security tools search & replace acls tools analyze & clean acls tools simple view simple view search settings simple view results list simple view file menu scheduled task view layout scheduled task view layout task view task list task view task settings pane scheduled tasks, tool action scheduled tasks, report action scheduled tasks, security tool action scheduled tasks, search and replace action scheduled tasks, other action custom tools view layout custom tools view ribbon custom tools view tool list custom tools view operation tree custom tools view properties pane custom tools view preview pane custom tools menu logon dialog user interface types (simple view and advanced view)