Welcome to the ADHQ 9 Admin Console!

The ADHQ 9 Admin Console is used to configure how ADHQ is used on your network. Which users have permission to use the program, what areas of the directory they can work in, etc. The Admin Console has 2 main purposes: configuring the ADHQ service, and setting up profiles for the users that log on to ADHQ.

Connecting to an ADHQ Server

The first thing you'll need to do after launching the ADHQ Admin Console is to connect to a service. ADHQ will automatically connect to a service on the local machine if one exists. Otherwise, you'll be presented with the following dialog, where you can select a service to manage.

After selecting a server from the list, check the Autoconnect to this server on startup box to have the ADHQ Admin Console always connect to this server automatically on launch. If you'd like to connect to a different server in the future, you can do so via the Connect button in the ribbon. Click OK to begin using the ADHQ Admin Console.

Ok, I'm in. What's next?

Use the tabs along the top of the page (Home, Profiles, etc) to learn more about the ADHQ Admin Console.