What is the Profiles View?

The Profiles View is the second tab of the ADHQ Admin Console and appears whenever you are connected to an accessible ADHQ service. It consists of a list of profiles on the left side of the screen, and the Profile Editor on the right. This page contains information about the general layout of the Profiles View. Use the tabs above to find out about each tab of the Profile Editor.

Profiles View Layout


The Profiles View in ADHQ provides a way to configure profiles. The interface is divided into three main components, described in detail below.

The Ribbon
The ribbon is positioned across the top of the interface, and has buttons to add and remove profiles, enable or disable the selected profile, or save any changes to the currently open profile.

Profile List
The Profile List is shown on the far left side of the interface. It contains all of ADHQ's pre-defined profiles as well as any profiles you've created yourself.

Profile Editor
The right side of the interface is the Profile Editor, which is used to modify the selected profile from the Profile List. It displays all of the profile's settings, including which users are eligible to use the profile, what objects can be modified by those users, and which tools are available.

The Ribbon

Use the Add Profile button to create a new profile from scratch, or the Copy Profile button to create an exact copy of an existing one. The ability to copy an existing profile is especially useful if you'd like to create a set of similar profiles (Engineering Manager, Sales Manager, Accounting Manager, etc), each with their own specialized tools (Add New Engineer, Add New Salesperson, Add New Accountant). The Remove Profile button will delete the selected profile or collection from the Profile List. The Enable and Disable buttons will toggle the enabled status of the selected profile and shift it accordingly in the Profile List. And finally, as you might expect, the Save button is used to save any modifications to the currently open profile. Any tab in the Profile Editor with unsaved changes will be displayed with an asterisk next to the label.

Profile List

The Profile List displays all profiles available for the current ADHQ service. Selecting a profile from this list will load the profile into the Profile Editor on the right. Profiles are displayed in 3 categories: Enabled, Disabled, and Global.

The Global Profile

One profile, the Global profile, is different than the others. The Global profile does not have a user list, but rather applies to all users of ADHQ. It does not have a list of managed locations, and cannot be used to login to the ADHQ service. It is simply used to control the Default Tools, Collections, Reports, and Custom Tools that are available to users of all profiles (unless the profile has specifically blocked access to the Global resources).

Profile Editor Pane

The right side of the Profiles View is the Profile Editor. It is used to make changes to the currently selected profile in the Profile List. The Profile Editor contains many tabs, each of which is used to configure how a specific part of ADHQ will function for users of that profile. The following table contains a list of these tabs, and a short description of the options you'll find on them.

Tab Description
General Configure basic information about the profile including the profile name, users permitted to use the profile, the locations of Active Directory that can be modified, etc.

To learn more about the General Tab, click here.
User Interface Switch between the Simple View and Advanced View, or show/hide portions of the interface.

To learn more about the User Interface Tab, click here.
Options Set defaults for some of the Options available in the Options dialog of ADHQ.

To learn more about the Options Tab, click here.
Default Tools Configure the standard toolset available for users of this profile. Tools can be removed entirely, or customized to match the needs of your specific environment. In a profile used by Engineering Admins, for instance, it may make sense for the default "Add User" tool to add users to the Engineering OU and have them automatically added to an Engineers group.

To learn more about the Default Tools Tab, click here.
Collections Manage the set of collections that are available to all users of this profile. Collections are used to easily modify large groups of Active Directory objects.

To learn more about the Collections Tab, click here.
Reports Manage the set of reports that are available to all users of this profile.

To learn more about the Reports Tab, click here.
Custom Tools Manage the set of custom tools that are available to all users of this profile. Also from this view, modify the "Custom Tools" menu to make one or more of the profile's custom tools available by right-clicking on an object on the ADHQ's Home Tab.

To learn more about the Custom Tools Tab, click here.

To get more information about how any of these tabs function, click the corresponding links in the table or at the top of this page.