Default Tools Tab Layout

General Info

The Default Tool view allows you to configure the set of default tools available to users of the profile. ADHQ has many tools in its default configuration, which are sorted into the following categories:

Tool Category Description
Add Tools Tools used to create a single Active Directory object.
Import New Tools Tools used to create multiple Active Directory objects at the same time with data from an external file. These tools generally make heavy use of templates like %FirstName% %LastName% to set attributes based on the information in your import file.
Import Change Tools Similar to the Import New Tools, these tools are used to modify many existing objects at the same time, based on information from an import file.
Import Deletion Tools These tools are used to delete or deprovision existing Active Directory objects identified via data in an import file.
Modify Tools These tools are used to modify multiple objects by selecting them from the Active Directory Tree on the Home Tab.
Delete Tools These tools are used to delete or deprovision the selected Active Directory objects.
Property Tools These tools are used to display and allow the user to make changes to the properties of a single Active Directory object.

A note about Property Tools

Property tools are run on single objects and are unique in that they will load existing Active Directory attributes from the object to populate controls within the tool. For instance, when you launch the Properties tool for a User object, you'll see the user's current Description in the Description field.

Consequently, any default value you enter into these fields will be overridden at run time. If you want to avoid this behavior, use Modify Tools instead of Property Tools.

Use the Add/Remove Tools button to control which tools from the default set are available, and the Edit Selected Tool button to make changes to the selected tool from the list. A description of the dialogs that will appear when these two buttons are pressed can be found below.

Add/Remove Tools Dialog

The Add/Remove Tools dialog is used to control which of the default set of tools are available to users of this profile.

The primary choice on this dialog is between including all tools, or only the tools checked in the list below. Including all tools will include not only the tools listed below, but any new tools added in a future version of ADHQ. Choosing individual tools allows you fine-grain control over the powers granted to profile users, but will also mean that users of the profile will not have access to any tools released in the future.

Selecting Tools to Include

Note that the selection here works in conjunction with the Managed Objects setting on the General tab of the Profile Editor.

Consequently, selecting a tool in this dialog doesn't guarantee that the tool will be available for use. If you select the "Add User" tool, for example, but have "Users" unchecked in the Managed Objects section of the General tab of the Profile Editor, users of the profile will not have the ability to create new user accounts.

Edit Selected Tool Dialog

Use this screen to modify the currently selected tool in the Tool List. The Operation Tree in the upper-left corner contains a hierarchical view of the Operation Groups, Operations, and Controls that make up the tool. The Properties pane below that shows the settings for the currently selected item. Use this grid to control the behavior of the tool, and the Preview Pane to the right to set default values for the fields.

To learn more about the Tool Editor and how to use it to modify ADHQ Tools, click here.