Reports Tab Layout

Report Type

The Report Type dropdown is used to switch between the various categories of reports in the Reports tab and the Security tab of ADHQ. After choosing a type from this list, the Report Tree below will populate with the reports of that type available to users of the profile.

Report Tree

The Report Tree contains the collections available of the currently selected Report Type. There is a series of buttons above the tree used to modify its contents. These buttons are described below:

Button Description
Add Report Launch the Report Wizard to add a new report to the tree. If a folder is selected, the new report will be created within the folder. Otherwise, it will appear at the same level of the tree as the selected item.
Add Folder Add a new folder to the tree. Reports can be sorted into folders to organize them more effectively.
Modify Launch the Report Wizard to change the currently selected report.
Make a Copy Create a duplicate of the currently selected report(s).
Delete Remove the currently selected report(s) or folder(s).

For more information about creating and modifying reports using the Report Wizard, click here.