Custom Tools Tab Layout

Custom Tools Menu

The Custom Tools Menu displays a list of available Custom Tools in various places throughout ADHQ. It appears in the ribbons of the Home and Collections tabs, as well as when right-clicking on an object when browsing Active Directory. The following screenshot depicts a user using the Domain Admin profile to run the Add Manager custom tool.

Click the Modify Menu button at the top of this page to launch the Tool Menu Editor, which will allow you to make changes to the Custom Tools menu. For detailed help using the Menu Editor, click here.

Custom Tools List

The Custom Tool List contains the custom tools available to users of this profile. There is a series of buttons above the list used to modify its contents. These buttons are described below:

Button Description
Add Custom Tool Create a new custom tool from scratch or by making a copy of a built-in tool.
Modify Launch the Edit Tool Dialog to modify the currently selected tool.
Make a Copy Create a duplicate of the currently selected tool(s).
Delete Remove the currently selected tool(s).

To learn more about the Tool Editor and how to use it to modify custom tools, click here.