Options Dialog

The ADHQ Admin Console Options dialog is available from the File Menu in the upper-left corner of the interface. It has a list of categories on the left and settings within the selected category on the right. For now, the only available category is Log Files, which you can read about in detail below:

Log Files

ADHQ keeps information about tool executions and any errors encountered in log files stored locally on your machine. The Log Files category of the Options dialog allows you to configure how much information the ADHQ Admin Console keeps in its logs, and where those log files are stored.

There is a tradeoff between speed and information with logging. It is easier to track down errors if the log level is set higher, however the extra writing to the file can cause the program to slow down. We recommend keeping the log level set at 0 or 1 unless instructed otherwise by our technical staff when trying to diagnose an issue.

Secret Feature

Right-clicking in the empty space on this page will provide an easy way to open the log files and/or the log file directory. This makes it quite easy to quickly check log files yourself, or send them to technical support if requested. Shhh... don't tell anyone.