Welcome to ADHQ (Simple View)

ADHQ is designed to make it easy to modify objects within a specified set of locations defined by the ADHQ Administrator. The interface is mainly a search field, with a results pane that allows you to right-click on objects to run ADHQ tools on them.

Search Settings

The top of the window has a series of controls that allow you to configure how the search will be performed.

The top line allow you to choose which object types to search for, if your profile provides access to more than 1 object type, and where to look for matches. The scope field will contain any locations managed by your profile, but the default selection will have the tool search within the entire area your profile has access to. The bottom line allows you to enter a search query, and specify a single attribute to match against, as well as whether to try to match your search query at the start of the attribute, at the end, or anywhere within.

Search Results

The main part of the window is a results list that shows the objects that match the search criteria at the top of the page. The results list is updated in real-time as you modify the search query above.

Right-click on an object to access a list of tools that can be run. The screenshot above shows a profile with many tools available, but it is possible that you'll see only a small subset of these based on the permissions granted by your ADHQ Administrator. Use Shift + Lt Click to select adjacent items and Ctrl + Lt Click to select multiple non-adjacent objects.

Menu Button

The small button at the bottom of the window with 3 horizontal lines provides access to the File menu.

Clicking this button will show the following menu items:

Menu Item Description
Connect To... End the current session and log in to a different profile.
Help Access help for the product, contact support, or view the current version of the software.
Options Launches the Options dialog. A thorough description of the tabs in the Options dialog can be found here.
Exit Terminates the current session and closes ADHQ.