Welcome to ADHQ (Advanced View)

ADHQ contains several tabs, each designed to accomplish a specific Active Directory task (modifying objects in bulk, running reports, etc). This document will describe a full-featured profile making use of the Advanced View.

Customized Views

The tabs in your interface may be slightly different than what is shown on the following tabs, according to how your ADHQ Administrator has configured your profile.

File Menu

The File menu is located in the upper left corner of the program. The button may look different if you have another visual style enabled (via the Style menu in the upper right corner).

Opening the file menu will show the following menu items:

Menu Item Description
Connect To... End the current session and log in to a different profile.
Help This submenu contains links to the Help Request form, the About dialog, and a link to this User Manual. Cool, huh?
Options Launches the Options dialog. A thorough description of the tabs in the Options dialog can be found here.
Exit Terminates the current session and closes ADHQ.