Active Directory Reporting with ADHQ

Active Directory is an amazing platform, able to store vast amounts of data and relationships all while keeping the user and computer accounts throughout your network operational. Unfortunately, when it comes to retrieving the information you want from Active Directory, Microsoft's built-in tools often come up short. The property sheets in Users and Computers are great for pulling the data about a single object, but what about when you need to analyze more than 1 object at once? Who has time to look up obscure PowerShell commands for custom scripting solutions every time you need to capture an additional piece of information?

This need to easily harvest information from Active Directory is the motivation behind ADHQ's Active Directory Reports. We started from the ground up and built a reporting engine capable of retrieving almost any information from your network. ADHQ has hundreds of built-in reports which expose over 1 thousand Active Directory Attributes and Common Properties, all categorized into a clear folder structure. And if the built-in reports don't meet your needs, no problem. You can create new custom reports to show any attributes you want, in whatever format you need.

Just a sample of our pre-packaged reports:

Active Directory User Reports

  • Inactive Users
  • Expired Users and Soon to Expire Users
  • Recently Modified Users
  • User Mailbox Information
  • Password Expiration Dates (Example)
  • Duplicate Names or Email Addresses
  • Group Membership

Active Directory Group Reports

  • Group Members (Example)
  • Empty Groups
  • Group Types and Scopes
  • Nested Membership
  • Built-in Groups
  • Recently Modified Groups

Active Directory Contact Reports

  • Address Information (Example)
  • Duplicate Names or Email Addresses
  • Recently Modified Contacts
  • Group Membership

Active Directory OU Reports

  • Empty OUs
  • Object Counts
  • Recently Created or Recently Modified OUs

Active Directory Share Reports

  • Share Names and Descriptions
  • Share Permissions
  • Current Usage and User Limits

Active Directory Computer Reports

  • Disabled Computer Accounts
  • IP Addresses
  • Detailed Operating System Information
  • BIOS Information

Active Directory Printer Reports

  • Print Queue Information
  • Printer Shares
  • Printer Characteristics
  • Printer Location, Model, and Description