Profile-based Delegation with ADHQ Enterprise

ADHQ has a lot of features, and it provides a huge amount of power to users. Features like importing bulk user modifications, gathering data from every corner of your directory, or performing a global Search & Replace gives you abilities unlike anything you can do with Microsoft's built-in tools. And that's great, buuuut... it can seem overwhelming (or downright dangerous) to put such power into the hands of all of your administrators.

With that completely rational thought in mind, ADHQ Enterprise provides highly-configurable profiles to ease the minds of administrators when using ADHQ to delegate these management tasks to lower-level admins. Whether you want to restrict a help desk technician to resetting user passwords, or allow a manager to modify only the properties of his direct reports, ADHQ’s profiles will suit your needs precisely, giving you the peace of mind to take some time off without worrying that you'll have a mess to deal with when you get back.

ADHQ profiles perform three basic tasks: controlling ADHQ permissions, customizing the user interface, and providing a medium for sharing resources between ADHQ users. These tasks are described in detail below:

Permissions Control

Profiles define who can run ADHQ, what areas of your network can be managed, and what actions can be performed on objects in those areas. Profiles can be restricted to a specific set of domains or OUs, or can be limited by object type. ADHQ admins logged in to the built-in User Manager profile, for example, cannot see or modify non-user objects in the domain.

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UI Customization

ADHQ profiles can also be used to control the appearance of the ADHQ user client. In addition to the object type restrictions mentioned above, profiles contain settings for hiding attribute details for users, the Search & Replace tool, report categories, or entire tabs from view.

ADHQ Enterprise also introduces a new type of user interface called the Simple View. The Simple View is a single-dialog UI containing a search field that administrators can use to quickly locate and modify single objects. It serves as an easy, functional UI for users that do not need access to ADHQ's more advanced features, and makes for an ideal option as the default UI on limited profiles, like the built-in Password Reset Admin profile.

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Resource Sharing

Profiles provide a vehicle for resource sharing between different ADHQ users. Reports, collections, or custom tools saved at the profile level will be available to all other admins using the same profile. This offers a convenient way for administrators to collaborate when designing custom tools, or exchange useful task-specific reports.

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