Office 365 Reporting with ADHQ

For 20 years ADHQ has been providing detailed Active Directory (AD) reports to admins. Now ADHQ is extending its reach into the clouds by providing the same quality reports on all of your Office 365 users, groups, and contacts. No longer limited to your native AD environment, ADHQ will now report on your entire Azure tenant, even un-synched objects.

Explore your tenant using one of over 90 built-in reports. Or if that's not enough, create your own reports with our custom report editor. From license information and usage locations to password expiration dates, choose from hundreds of Office 365 attributes to display. And if its a synched object, you can display any of the object's AD attributes as well, giving you a comprehensive view of your hybrid environment.

As with our AD reporting engine, all reports can be scheduled to run whenever and however often you desire. And, of course, exporting our 365 reports to csv, html, pdf, or Excel format is just a mouse click away.

Here's a sample of our built-in Office 365 reports:

User Reports

  • Disabled Users with Licenses
  • Employee Info
  • Group Membership
  • Guest Users
  • Last Sync Time
  • Managers and their Direct Reports
  • Member Users
  • Must Change Password
  • Password Expiration Disabled
  • Sign-In Denied
  • Strong Password Not Required
  • Unlicensed Users
  • Unsynced Users
  • Users and their Service Plans
  • Users without Managers

Contact Reports

  • Address Information
  • Company Information
  • Email Addresses
  • Group Membership
  • Managers and their Direct Reports
  • Phone Numbers

Group Reports

  • Group Members
  • Groups with No Members
  • Mail-Enabled Security Groups
  • Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Security Groups
  • Unsynced Groups