Active Directory Group and Contact Management

ADHQ has always been known for the ease it brings to manipulating user objects. Whether editing the properties of a single user, or making change in bulk with data from an import file, ADHQ brings the kind of simple user interface often lacking in Microsoft's built-in tools. But ADHQ certainly isn't limited to just one object type. The software can manage Active Directory groups and contacts with the same ease and efficiency it provides for user objects. The key features of ADHQ with respect to modifying these objects types are detailed below:

Active Directory Group Management

Users change jobs, departments get reorganized, and new committees and groups are being formed every day. All of this means that you're busy keeping Active Directory updated so that people can perform their jobs better. Manage groups and group membership in Active Directory with access to read and modify over 140 group attributes, including: Group Type and Scope, Group Membership, Notes, Descriptions and Group Manager. ADHQ can also control many Exchange settings for groups, including adding additional Email Addresses, choosing to send Delivery Reports, and restricting delivery by sender or message size.

Active Directory Contact Management

Business relationships change from hot to cold in a matter of minutes. Once you think you’ve got all your company contacts updated in Active Directory, you find out that priorities have changed, and newer contacts are suddenly more important. With ADHQ, administrators can import new lists of contacts quickly so that your company will have the essential business contacts they need for critical decisions. Whether it's keeping contact name formats consistent for easy searching, or updating old email addresses for long-time associates, ADHQ has the contact tools you need to stay organized, including:

  • Updating name and personal information
  • Modifying address fields
  • Adding or removing telephone numbers (home, mobile, fax, pager, etc)
  • Setting organizational attributes including Title, Department, and Manager
  • Managing contacts' Exchange accounts and corresponding delivery restrictions
  • Controlling group membership