ADHQ Edition Comparison

ADHQ is available in three flavors: Enterprise, Professional, and Lite. Use the table below to compare the features of each edition and find out which is right for you. Below the table you can find links to more information.

Feature ADHQ Enterprise ADHQ Professional ADHQ Lite
Active Directory Browser
Modify Single Objects - View properties and make changes to a single Active Directory object
Scheduled Tasks - Run tools or reports at a later time
Multiple Domain Support
Automatic Updates
Custom Tools
Search & Replace in Active Directory attributes Users, Groups, and Contacts
Consistent name and password options across multiple installs If manually configured If manually configured
Simple View - Single dialog interface for users with limited permissions
Central License Management
UI Customization
Hide Schema and Configuration containers of Active Directory Not enforceable Not enforceable
Hide entire interface views (Collections, Reports, Scheduled Tasks, etc)
Display only specific object types in the Active Directory Browser
Bulk Operations
Bulk Object Adding Users, Groups, and Contacts
Bulk Object Modifying Users, Groups, and Contacts
Bulk Object Deleting Users, Groups, and Contacts
Bulk Object Moving Users, Groups, and Contacts
Bulk Object Reset Passwords
User Reports
Group Reports
Contact Reports
Computer Reports
Printer Reports
OU Reports
Share Reports
GPO, GPO Link, and GPO Delegation Reports
Create custom reports
Export reports in txt, csv, html or pdf format
Analyze and Clean File, Share, and AD Object ACLs
Search and Replace in File, Share, and AD Object ACLS
AD Object Security Reports
File Security Reports
Mailbox Security Reports
Printer Security Reports
Admin Console application to control user permissions with profiles
Different program configuration for different users
Limit users to manage only specific object types
Limit users to work in specific domains/OUs
Admins can see and terminate other users' sessions
Resource Sharing
Share reports with other users If stored on share
Share collections with other users
Share custom tools with other users
License Type Per Admin Per Admin Per Admin
License Model Concurrent Use Concurrent Use Concurrent Use
Duration 1 year subscription 1 year subscription 1 year subscription
Pricing* $795
$745 $425

* Base prices shown. Discounts available for bulk orders or multi-year licenses. See the product pages below for additional pricing details.

Still not sure?

Follow the links below to visit the product pages for the different ADHQ editions. There you can read detailed descriptions of the features listed above, see screenshots, or even download a free trial. Or, send us a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

ADHQ Enterprise ADHQ Professional ADHQ Lite