Bulk User Management with ADHQ

ADHQ provides all the tools needed to create, modify and delete Active Directory user accounts in bulk. Import name and attribute data to quickly add or modify as many users as you need to, all at once. Or take advantage of the powerful attribute-level search and replace feature to easily target and update old values throughout your network. Even better, the Collections view provides the ability to define groups of user accounts with a filter, ensuring that the list of accounts you want to modify is always up-to-date. Use ADHQ to perform any of these common bulk user management tasks, saving time and energy while ensuring your directory stays consistent, tidy, and up to date.

Create new Active Directory user accounts

One of the most time consuming tasks for administrators of large and medium-sized networks is creating and provisioning new user accounts. Combine manual actions in Microsoft's native tools with custom PowerShell scripts, then toss in some more work in different web interfaces for Exchange and Office 365. It's a lot to handle. The process can get especially lengthy processing one user at a time.

And that's just the for the easy cases. What do you do when you encounter users with hyphenated names, or names with foreign characters, or names already in use in your directory? Do you have a consistent naming standard that works for each platform you're working with? With ADHQ, those concerns are relics of the past. Grab your new user list from HR and import it directly into the program. Pick one of our built-in name templates, or tweak them to match your organizations standards, then set up all of your provisioning actions with a few extra mouse clicks in a simple user interface. From local directory modifications, to changes in Office 365 and Exchange, ADHQ takes care of the whole process, all in one step, with no per-user input from you at all.

Common account creation actions:

  • Standardize name formats
  • Set password and security options
  • Specify home folders and create shares
  • Create and configure Exchange mailboxes
  • Assign Office 365 licenses

Modify existing Active Directory user accounts

Over time, the user data in every Active Directory network eventually falls out of date. Standards and processes change for adding new accounts, and old accounts begin to show their age in unexpected ways. Whether these quirks of old accounts manifest themselves in simple naming differences, resource allocation, or even security permissions (gulp!), not having a consistent Active Directory has very real consequences to organization and business efficiency.

Identify and update outdated accounts with ADHQ's built-in tools for modifying users.

Common modification actions:

  • Rename users with a consistent template
  • Move accounts to a different container
  • Update personal address, organizational, or contact information
  • Migrate home folders and their contents to new shares
  • Search & Replace old attribute values
  • Move or modify Exchange mailboxes
  • Update Office 365 license assignment

Delete or deprovision Active Directory user accounts

When users depart your company (willingly or not-so-willingly), it becomes necessary to do something with their old accounts. In some cases, the accounts can simply be deleted. However, this option doesn't provide flexibility if and when the user returns. Users wanting a little more control over the process can take advantage of ADHQ's delete and deprovision tools, which provide access to common deprovisioning actions, including:

Common deprovisioning actions:

  • Change account's disabled status
  • Modify group membership
  • Move home folder and contents
  • Clean up Exchange mailboxes
  • Unassign Office 365 licenses