Automating ADHQ with Task Scheduling

The daily routine of an Active Directory administrator is filled with monotonous, time-consuming tasks. You know the ones. Provisioning new user accounts, cleaning up inactive ones, capturing data into weekly reports for the boss, and so on. ADHQ has a huge set of tools to make these jobs as painless as possible. But nothing beats complete automation for truly tedious tasks.

That's the idea behind ADHQ Scheduled Tasks. Set and forget. Once your tasks are configured to your specific environment, you won't even have to think of them until you get the notification email that the task has completed. Just imagine all of the weekly wastes of time you'll be able to avoid:

Creating and provisioning new accounts

Do you get a file delivered to you with first and last names of new users? Import this file directly into ADHQ, and allow the program to create the accounts automatically as soon as you get the information. Use templates to set your account names and email addresses exactly to your company standards using data from the file. Configure the tool to create home folders, set up Exchange mailboxes, and assign Office 365 licenses.

Cleaning up inactive accounts

Have ADHQ perform daily scans of your directory for accounts that haven't been logged on to in a long time. When accounts are identified, ADHQ can perform any common deprovisioning action you need. Move the accounts to a different OU, change group membership, delete home folders or migrate them to a different share.

Capturing data from Active Directory*

Schedule any of ADHQ's 100s of built-in reports to run automatically, or craft your own report to show exactly the information you need. Configure the task to send the report via email to your boss, or save the output to a network share. Save reports in CSV format, or impress your boss with fancy HTML reports. Either way, say goodbye to gathering data by hand. ADHQ's got you covered!

Identifying and repairing security holes*

Take advantage of ADHQ's Analyze and Clean tools to scan your ACLs for common issues, and repair them on the spot. Get notified of invalid or unknown SIDs cluttering up your security lists as soon as they appear. Schedule the task to occur each night, and your Active Directory and File ACLs will stay as neat and tidy as they were at the start.

And so much more!

Any of ADHQ's tools can be run on a schedule with our task scheduler. You're limited only by your imagination. With ADHQ, Active Directory automation is finally within your grasp.

* Reporting and Security tools are available in ADHQ Professional and Enterprise editions.