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Easily Export Active Directory Data!

Active Directory is an amazing platform, with a huge user base and over 15 years of updates. Unfortunately, for as long as Active Directory has been around, it has always lacked an easy method for gathering information. Even tasks as straightforward as exporting attribute values for your Active Directory objects simply can't be performed with Users & Computers, leading many administrators down the rabbit hole of complex PowerShell scripting.

ADreporter was built with precisely this issue in mind: It should be easy to get the information you need out of your Active Directory network. That's why ADreporter provides hundreds of built in reports, with access to over a thousand different attributes for all of your critical Active Directory objects: users, groups, contacts, computers, and more! Use these default reports, or create your own with our custom report builder to immediately get access to the info you need. Save your reports in HTML format for immediate presentation, or export the data into common formats like CSV, where it can be further processed in programs like Microsoft Excel.

Whether you need to export user phone numbers, group names and member lists, operating systems for your computers, or any other Active Directory attribute, ADreporter can handle it all with ease. Complete the form to take ADreporter for a spin and see for yourself!

Key Features:

  • Capture data from AD, Office 365, Exchange, WMI, and Remote Registry
  • Hundreds of standard reports included
  • Create customized reports without scripting
  • Schedule reports to run at your convenience
  • Filter reports to show only the information you need
  • Export reports in common formats, like CSV and PDF

All the data you need, in exactly the right format. That's why ADreporter is at the top of the list for Active Directory administrators that know their stuff!