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ViperGuard Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is ViperGuard licensed?

Licensing is based on the number of users that will be enrolled, not on the number of users in the domain.

2. Can ViperGuard be implemented so that it may be used in portions of a domain?

Yes, you may make this choice either during initial setup or afterwards.

  • During the initial setup when the Console Wizard runs, you can select either the entire domain or just specific OUs.
  • After initial setup, the coverage area can be modified via the Configure User Coverage option.  From the Admin Console; expand the Managed Domains and Services item displayed in the left pane.  Highlight and right click on the domain name which displays a menu where Configure User Coverage can be selected.

3. Can the Admin Console be installed on a workstation or does it have to be installed on the server?

Yes, the Admin Console can be installed on 1 or more workstations and\or on the server.

4. How is the Custom Logon Prompt distributed?

The Logon Prompt is distributed using a GPO (Group Policy Object)

5. Can the Logon Prompt GPO be distributed by computer?

No, it can only be distributed by user

6. Can ViperGuard be implemented and used without installing a Custom Logon Prompt on the user workstations?

Yes, during the install there is an option to not install the Custom Logon Prompt or Enrollment Reminder; Users can Enroll or Reset their Passwords by connecting directly to the web site.  You can then create shortcuts to the website to link to both the Enroll and Reset Password web pages.

7. What is the address to connect to the Reset Password and Enroll pages of the web site?

To Enroll:

http://server.domain.com/EnrollApp/  where server and domain are the server where the website resides

To Reset Password:

http://server.domain.com/ResetPasswordApp/ where server and domain are the server where the website resides

8. Can the Custom Logon Prompt and Enrollment Reminder be removed once installed without uninstalling ViperGuard?

Yes, using the Admin Console, select and right click the Domain Name in the left pain which displays a menu where you can choose to remove the Logon Prompt.

9. Can the Custom Logon Prompt be distributed to just certain OUs in the covered area?

No, when you choose to install the Logon Prompt, it will be distributed to all users in the covered area.

10. When a user logs in, the domain name is blank in the Custom Logon Prompt.

After install, when the Admin Console Wizard runs, the Setup Enrollment Options page includes an option to select a default domain for user logons.  It contains no default selection so if you didn't select one, it will be blank.

You can modify this option using the Admin Console.  Expand all items in the left pane, highlight and left click User Management and choose properties which displays 3 tabs.  On the General tab you can add the default domain name.

11. Can the Website Logo and Text be modified?

Yes, in the Admin Console, access the UI Customization drop down menu and there is a selection to modify either the Website Logo or the text.

12. Can the Logo and Text be modified on the Custom Logon Prompt?

The Logo can be modified via the UI Customization menu. The Text of the Logon Prompt can not be modified.

13. Can users choose their own challenge questions?

Yes; there are several options for controlling the challenge questions. ViperGuard can be configured so that there are 1 or more required questions in combination with a selection of 1 or more questions that users can choose from a list; they can be all required or they can all be chosen by the user.

After install, these settings can be modified using the Admin Console. Expand all items in the left pane, highlight and right click User Management and choose properties which displays 3 tabs.  You can modify the settings on the Enrollment Website Settings tab.

14. Where is the challenge information stored for each user?

It is stored in an attribute associated with the user.  By default, the attribute used is telexTerminalIdentifier but during install you can choose to use the comment attribute.

15. Is it possible to auto-enroll users or prefill the questions and answers from a csv file for example?

That is not possible at this time.

16. What happens when an employee leaves the company and their user account is deleted?

That user is automatically un-enrolled from ViperGuard.

17. What happens if a user is moved from an OU in the ViperGuard covered area to an OU not in the covered area?

That user is automatically un-enrolled from ViperGuard.



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