ViperGuard Features

ViperGuard™ eases the burden on your help desk by eliminating the most common help desk call: a user that forgot their password. With ViperGuard, when a user forgets their password, they simply click on a button on their logon screen and are instantly linked to the ViperGuard Reset Password web site, which will guide them through the process of resetting their password.

Modified logon prompts for all the common Windows platforms

When your users forget their passwords, help will be just a single click away with ViperGuard's custom logon prompts. ViperGuard contains modified logon prompts for all common Windows platforms, from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Universal access for all end-users through Web site interfaces

ViperGuard's Enrollment and Reset Password websites allow any user to access the ViperGuard service, regardless of whether they are using a machine with a custom logon prompt.

Administrator Console for configuring ViperGuard settings

ViperGuard's Administrator Console is a central location for managing all ViperGuard components, no matter where they are installed. Users familiar with Microsoft Management Console will feel at home in the interface, which contains a tree of ViperGuard components on the left and their child objects on the right. Using the Administrator Console, administrators can add, remove, or configure ViperGuard components such as Managed Domains, Services, and Websites. The Administrator Console also provides an Audit Viewer, which displays important events from the ViperGuard service or websites.

Enrollment reminder program makes user enrollment in ViperGuard effortless

Automated password resetting tools are most useful if your users actually enroll in the system, and who wants to hover around constantly reminding them to do so? That's the whole reason you want an automated tool in the first place! Anticipating this, ViperGuard provides a simple Enrollment Reminder utility, distributed via GPO to all computers in your managed domains. This program will run silently in the background, coming alive on a configurable interval to remind un-enrolled users to enroll in the system. Clicking "Enroll Now" will direct the user to the Enrollment website, where they can enroll with ViperGuard by supplying answers to a few security questions.

All components are installed from a single program at a single location

ViperGuard's Setup Wizard makes the job of installing the ViperGuard components a piece of cake. From a single workstation on the network, administrators can set up ViperGuard components on multiple computers including the Service, Website, customized logon prompts, and a GPO-based enrollment reminder. After completing the configuration options and waiting a few minutes, your ViperGuard system is ready to go!

Email notifications for users and administrators

ViperGuard provides a variety of email notifications. Administrators have the option to send Enrollment Request, Enrollment Reminder, or Re-enroll Request messages to all users in the managed domains. In addition, when a user fails to provide ViperGuard with the correct answers to their challenge questions, a notification is sent to the ViperGuard administrator. This instant feedback allows the administrator to be aware of any potential security threats on the network.

Reports available for Enrolled Users, Unenrolled Users, and Password Reset History

ViperGuard provides multiple reports to give administrators a birds-eye view of ViperGuard usage on their network. These reports include Enrolled Users (see below), Unenrolled Users, License Usage, and Password Reset Summary. Use the License Summary to monitor your usage count and make sure that you always have sufficient licenses for all of your users to enroll with ViperGuard. And the Password Reset Summary report is especially useful for seeing all the recent password reset activity in your network, so you can see exactly how many support calls ViperGuard has saved you.