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Javelina Software’s award-winning solutions enable organizations to cohesively manage the administration of Microsoft®Active Directory™ by consolidating and eliminating time consuming tasks.

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ADtoolkit™ eases the day-to-day management of Active Directory by providing streamlined configuration and execution of common administrative tasks.

  • Bulk task execution for AD User, Group, Contact and Computer objects
  • Import lists into ADtoolkit for quick turnaround on tasks
  • Swift and accurate Search and Replace engine for AD attributes including Users, Groups, Contacts, Computers and ACLs
  • Flexible reporting engine delivers info on over 1000 AD attributes
  • Store common configuration settings for easy re-use
  • Schedule task execution during off-peak hours

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ADtoolkit Elements™ -- Tools for the budget conscious administrator.

Same great tools found in ADtoolkit, pulled out and sold individually.

  • ADreporter™ allows administrators to efficiently harvest data from Active Directory.

  • ADsecurity™ police and protect your Active Directory network.

  • ADusers™ bulk administration and execution of user objects in Active Directory.

  • ADgroups™ easy administration of groups and group membership in Active Directory.

  • ADcontacts™ manage business critical contacts in Active Directory.

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ADxray™ is a powerful troubleshooting and analysis tool that helps to identify the source of network problems by scrutinizing Microsoft Active Directory object attributes. ADxray provides search ability, attribute value details and descriptions, presents a key interpretation feature that discloses Active Directory (AD) attribute values in comprehensible formats, and provides editing capability. This detailed information gives the network admin or developer the power to understand, control, and manipulate the data contained within Active Directory.

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ViperGuard is a self-service password reset system designed to reduce costly help desk tickets, empower users, maximize security, and improve efficiency. The ViperGuard system allows end users to unlock their own accounts and reset their own passwords by simply answering a few previously configured questions.

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