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ADxray Features

ADxray Goes Beyond Displaying Attributes Of All Objects In Your Schema - and it's FREE!


 ADxray shows the Directory Tree down to the detailed attribute level. 


ADxray Key Features


  • By name
  • By description
  • By attribute value
    - Is set
    - Is not set
    - By specific criteria including filters


  • Add new attribute value
  • Remove attributes
  • Edit current attribute value
  • Open and edit object property pages
  • Refresh view for updates


  • Mandatory attributes
  • Optional attributes
  • Constructed attributes
  • Unset attributes
  • Deleted objects (tombstones)

Copy to Clipboard

  • Copy specific attribute cell
  • Copy entire row of attribute information

Save as CSV

  • Saves entire object attribute list into usable format

Provides Attribute Details

  • Attribute description
  • Schema name
  • LDAP name
  • Syntax description & ID

Interprets attribute values

  • Dates
  • GUIDs
  • SIDs
  • RIDs
  • IP addresses
  • Durations
  • Generalized Times
  • UTC Time
  • Logon Hours
  • Octet Strings
  • Security Descriptors
  • Bit fields

Provides raw attribute data

Provides access to tombstone objects




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