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ADtoolkit™ eases the day-to-day management of Active Directory by providing bulk task execution and streamlined configuration of common administrative tasks. ADtoolkit contains a set of tools that can be used by any administrator to tackle their own AD task list. Or, administrators can use ADtoolkit's custom tools to delegate common tasks to lower-level admins. Either way, admins will minimize their task lists while ensuring accurate, optimized management of any network.

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Ensures seamless help desk hand-off of common tasks.

Whether you’re adding users or resetting passwords, ADtoolkit™ provides you with a simple, secure interface to delegate your most common tasks, freeing up your skilled administrative personnel. You can rest easy knowing that the interface locks down tools and fields, allowing only the tasks you hand off to be executed. You can even set mandatory entry fields, ensuring that all pertinent information is entered for every task. And, for troubleshooting later on, you’ll be able to retrace all of the steps taken through event-driven audit logs.

Completes numerous tasks in one single execution.

ADtoolkit™ allows you to perform multiple Active Directory tasks at once. Whether you’re adding users, deleting or disabling user accounts, resetting passwords, modifying AD attributes, or configuring Exchange mailboxes, ADtoolkit does it all in a snap. To facilitate these bulk changes, ADtoolkit allows you to import user names from various sources such as spread sheet files or from the built in Reporting Tools. Of course, you can always use ADtoolkit to browse through Active Directory to select users as well. Either way, ADtoolkit completely eliminates the typically labor-intensive approach to Active Directory management tasks.

Delivers customized reports that allow you to optimize ADtoolkit’s other features.

ADtoolkit™ delivers a custom reporting tool that easily enables you to construct and filter data in Active Directory. These reports can be customized, for example, to reflect expired or inactive users thus simplifying the process of locating and deleting unused accounts. And since you can schedule these reports to run every week, you will always be on top of your task list, before people come to you asking for assistance. ADtoolkit provides several standard reports that can be customized to fit your environment. Or you can create your own reports from scratch. Either way, you won’t be stuck using troublesome scripts, nor will you have to rely on a third-party reporting tool, because ADtoolkit goes it alone. All you need to know is what you want to be reported.

Convenient, scheduled execution during off-peak hours.

Administrators and networks aren’t always free at the same time, and that’s why ADtoolkit comes in so handy. ADtoolkit allows you to perform tasks when it’s convenient for you, and then schedule these tasks for distribution over the network -- during off-peak hours. Your tasks will be checked off your list, and if you like, you can refer to the logs created during execution for added peace of mind. With ADtoolkit, you can schedule your standard reports to run weekly, thereby keeping management informed and allowing you to look efficient and professional.

Ensures error-free execution through simulation.

With the push of a button, ADtoolkit simulation mode allows you to validate all of the data that has been entered. If there is an error in the data, the cursor will move to the erroneous field and a warning message will be displayed. Designed to expose problems such as incorrect access rights without actually performing the requested action, ADtoolkit ensures that no errors will occur when the task is executed, or when it is scheduled to run later.

Simple, task-oriented user interface.

Administrators are busy enough without having to muddle through various screens in an attempt to find the right configurations necessary for executing their tasks. ADtoolkit provides the user with a Tools Selection Bar in the left-hand column that identifies the tasks you’re going to execute, like Add User, Reports, Delete User, and Reset Password. By selecting the tool, and saved configurations, the user has little to do prior to executing the tasks, therefore streamlining the entire process. ADtoolkit is so easy to use and secure that you’ll be handing off common tasks in no time, allowing you to focus on the complicated, mission-critical responsibilities that are essential to running an optimized network.



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