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Manage your Active Directory in bulk with ADtoolkit!

ADtoolkit™ eases the day-to-day management of Active Directory by providing bulk task execution of common administrative tasks. Whether you need to create new objects, modify existing ones, or report on Active Directory, you can use ADtoolkit to minimize your workload while ensuring accurate, optimized management of your Active Directory network.

Simply select or import a list of Active Directory objects you wish to modify, and choose one of ADtoolkit's many task-oriented tools. Fill in the options, and you're ready to either run the tool now, or schedule it to run later. Either way, ADtoolkit takes care of all the hard work, and you're off to your next task!

ADtoolkit Features:
  • Bulk Management of Active Directory Objects
  • Active Directory Reporting
  • Security Reporting and Tools
  • Easy User Provisioning and Deprovisioning
  • Custom Configuration and Delegation
  • Task Simulation and Scheduling

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