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ADtoolkit is a suite of tools built to ease the day-to-day management of Active Directory by providing bulk execution of common administrative tasks. The ADelements are simply pieces of ADtoolkit, pulled out and sold separately.

Whether you need to create hundreds of new Active Directory accounts, run a report to find your users with duplicate IDs, or perform a security audit on your network to ensure that only the correct people have access to your confidential files, there's an ADelement for you!

The ADelements:

  • ADreporter - Allows administrators to efficiently harvest data from Active Directory
  • ADsecurity - Police and Protect your Active Directory network
  • ADusers - Bulk administration of user objects in Active Directory
  • ADgroups - Easy administration of groups and group membership in Active Directory
  • ADcontacts - Manage business-critical contacts in Active Directory

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The power of ADtoolkit in a more convenient package.