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Bulk User Management and User Provisioning

ADusers provides all the tools needed to create, modify and delete Active Directory user accounts in bulk. With advanced features like importing and attribute search and replace, ADusers simplifies all your daily user management tasks.

Are you constantly making modifications to user objects? Once you’ve accomplished tasks, are more tasks lurking behind it? ADtoolkit Element ADusers™ allows you to make changes to Active Directory user data in bulk, eliminating the repetitive nature of modifying user objects without our tools. In addition, the ADuser interface promotes efficient management by allowing you to save frequently used configuration settings into workspaces. Then, by clicking on your desktop workspace shortcut, your saved configurations are accessed so that you can quickly make changes, or import a new list of users to add or modify.

Don’t mistype your attribute names again! ADusers allows you to point and click to specify which user attributes you’d like to change. Forget about looking up attribute names, or writing scripts that get outdated the next time you need them. With ADusers, you’ll just point and click to make changes to multiple users at once.

ADusers is a solution for administrators tasked with adding or changing information on user objects on a regular basis. No extensive product roll-out or lengthy installation procedure because ADusers is a client only application, which needs no back-end database.

ADusers can be used in conjunction with ADreporter, and other ADtoolkit Elements. Reports run in ADreporter can be imported into ADusers to modify only those users found in the report.

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Check out the versatility of ADusers:


Example: Change user attribute data with a click.


ADUsers Features

Add/Modify/Clone User

  • Import User names and data
  • Modify user data
  • Set organizational attributes
  • Modify security settings
  • Set User Profile path/home folder
  • Create Exchange Mailbox and set advanced options
  • Add users to groups
  • Ability to set and change the Primary Group
  • Ability to set Exchange mailbox protocols and Outlook Mobile Access
  • Ability to update the Automatically Update Email Addresses setting
  • Ability to set Account Expiration dates through an import file (as
    well as any other date formatted attribute).
  • Ability to require all senders of incoming messages be authenticated
  • Ability to modify terminal settings, such as session limits
  • Add/Modify AD User attributes

Delete User

  • Delete User Accounts
  • Disable User Accounts
  • Remove Users from Home Directory ACLs
  • Remove Home Directories and Files
  • Remove Mailboxes
  • Remove Users from groups
  • Remove Profile Directory

Reset Passwords

  • Create random passwords
  • Create blank passwords
  • Specify new password
  • Specify account settings for password
  • Unlock accounts
  • Set whether or not a password is required
  • Set whether or not a password will expire
  • Set whether or not the user must change the password

Search & Replace Users

  • Search on AD User Attributes
  • Search on other common user Properties
  • Search ACLs on Files and Shares and in AD
  • Replace options include replace always, replace if empty, replace if not empty or remove
  • Additional filtering on AD attributes or common properties
  • Ability to use the Replace Always option when changing the Home Drive
        or the Terminal Services Home Drive property

Move User

  • Specify new OU location




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