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Flexible and Extensive Active Directory Reporting

ADreporter™ enables users to harvest raw Active Directory data into reports that make sense. It provides scores of built in reports, with access to over a thousand different attributes for all the major Active Directory objects: Users, Groups, Contacts, Computers, OUs, Printers, and Shares.



ADreporter provides an easy way to harvest Active Directory information. Simply click on the attributes you’re interested in, and run now or schedule your reports to run later. Either way, ADreporter gives you the flexibility to report on over 240 user attributes, 140 group attributes, and 175 contact attributes and over 225 computer attributes. You can even report on printers, OUs, and shares.


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ADreporter Key Features:

  • Report on Active Directory Users, Contacts, Groups, Computers, OUs, Printers, and Shares

  • Hundreds of standard reports included (see below)

  • Create customized reports without scripting

  • Schedule reports to run at your convenience

  • Filter reports to show only the information you need

  • Export reports in common formats, like CSV and PDF

Just a sample of our prepackaged reports:

AD User Reports

  • Inactive Users
  • Expired Users and Soon to Expire Users
  • Recently Modified Users
  • User Mailbox Information
  • Password Age
  • Duplicate Names or Email Addresses
  • Group Membership

AD Group Reports

  • Member Information
  • Empty Groups
  • Group Types and Scopes
  • Nested Membership
  • Built-in Groups
  • Recently Modified Groups

AD Contact Reports

  • Address Information
  • Duplicate Names or Email Addresses
  • Recently Modified Contacts
  • Group Membership

AD Computer Reports

  • Disabled Computer Accounts
  • IP Addresses
  • Detailed Operating System Information
  • BIOS Information

AD Printer Reports

  • Print Queue Information
  • Printer Shares
  • Printer Characteristics
  • Printer Location, Model, and Description

AD OU Reports

  • Empty OUs
  • Object Counts
  • Recently Created or Recently Modified OUs

AD Share Reports

  • Share Names and Descriptions
  • Share Permissions
  • Current Usage and User Limits


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