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Group Management Just Got Easier

ADgroups gives administrators easy point-and-click, bulk administration tools to add, modify, and delete group attributes and manage their members. ADgroups tasks can be simulated in advance to discover errors, then can be executed immediately, or scheduled to run later.

Users change jobs, departments get reorganized, and new committees and groups are being formed every day. All of this means that you're busy keeping Active Directory updated so that people can perform their jobs better. ADtoolkit Element ADgroups gives administrators easy-to-use tools for managing groups and group membership in Active Directory. ADgroups gives you the flexibility to manage over 140 group attributes with a simple point and click interface.

Simplify the management of Groups.

adgroups screen

Example: Easily modify the membership of mutiple groups at once with the built-in Edit Group Membership tool.


Add Groups:

  • Import lists of group names
  • Set Group Scope
  • Set Group Type
  • Add members to groups
  • Add groups to other groups
  • Set group mail attributes
  • Set groups management information
  • PLUS many more group attributes

Modify Groups:

  • Import lists of group names to modify
  • Change Group Scope
  • Change Group Type
  • Change members of groups
  • Change group memberships
  • Change group mail attributes
  • Change group management information

Delete Groups:

  • Import list of groups to delete
  • Browse for groups to delete

Search and Replace Groups

  • Search on AD group Attributes
  • Search on other common group properties
  • Replace options include replace always, replace if empty, replace if not empty or remove
  • Extensive filtering on AD group attributes or common properties

Move Groups

  •   Easily move groups