Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is an ADelement?

    ADelements™ are products, purchased separately, that consist of sets of tools in ADHQ™. ADHQ accelerates the management of Users, Groups, Contacts, Files and Shares, and Directories through bulk execution of common administrative tasks.

  • 2. What if I decide I want to upgrade to ADHQ after I buy some Elements?

    Element users may choose to upgrade to ADHQ at any time for a special upgrade price. And, don’t worry, ADHQ Element reports and exports are fully transferable when you decide to use the full line of tools included in ADHQ.

  • 3. Do any of the elements have features that work together?

    Yes! For example, running a report in ADreporter that shows those users whose accounts are expired, can be saved and imported into ADusers. Then, using ADusers you can delete all those users who showed up in the report. It’s that easy!