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ADtoolkit is a suite of tools built to ease the day-to-day management of Active Directory by providing bulk execution of common administrative tasks. The ADelements are simply pieces of ADtoolkit, pulled out and sold separately.

Whether you need to create hundreds of new Active Directory accounts, run a report to find your users with duplicate IDs, or perform a security audit on your network to ensure that only the correct people have access to your confidential files, there's an ADelement for you!

The ADelements:

  • ADreporter - Allows administrators to efficiently harvest data from Active Directory
  • ADsecurity - Police and Protect your Active Directory network
  • ADusers - Bulk administration of user objects in Active Directory
  • ADgroups - Easy administration of groups and group membership in Active Directory
  • ADcontacts - Manage business-critical contacts in Active Directory

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The power of ADtoolkit in a more convenient package.

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Flexible and Extensive Active Directory Reporting

ADreporter™ enables users to harvest raw Active Directory data into reports that make sense. It provides hundreds of built-in reports, with access to over a thousand different attributes for all the major Active Directory objects: Users, Groups, Contacts, and Computers. You can even report on printers, OUs, and shares! ADreporter supports many common filetypes, so you can import your exported data into your program of choice, like Microsoft Excel.

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Bulk User Management and User Provisioning

ADusers provides all the tools needed to create, modify and delete Active Directory user accounts in bulk. With advanced features like importing and attribute search and replace, ADusers simplifies all your daily user management tasks.

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Group Management Just Got Easier

ADgroups gives administrators easy point-and-click, bulk administration tools to add, modify, and delete group attributes and manage their members. ADgroups tasks can be simulated in advance to discover errors, then can be executed immediately, or scheduled to run later.

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Police and Protect your Network

ADsecurity gives administrators the ability to easily document, find, and fix their network’s security. And with a simple, client only installation, ADsecurity provides network security management without servers, agents, or other complications.

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Easily Maintain Business Critical Contacts

ADcontacts is the premier solution for Active Directory contact integration and manipulation, with the ability to modify over 175 contact attributes. Simply select your contacts from the Home View, or create a collection for them on the Collections tab, then launch one of our tools from the ribbon to easily manipulate them in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is an ADelement?

    ADelements™ are products, purchased separately, that consist of sets of tools in ADHQ™. ADHQ accelerates the management of Users, Groups, Contacts, Files and Shares, and Directories through bulk execution of common administrative tasks.

  • 2. What if I decide I want to upgrade to ADHQ after I buy some Elements?

    Element users may choose to upgrade to ADHQ at any time for a special upgrade price. And, don’t worry, ADHQ Element reports and exports are fully transferable when you decide to use the full line of tools included in ADHQ.

  • 3. Do any of the elements have features that work together?

    Yes! For example, running a report in ADreporter that shows those users whose accounts are expired, can be saved and imported into ADusers. Then, using ADusers you can delete all those users who showed up in the report. It’s that easy!


Perpetual licenses for the ADelements are sold under a concurrent-use model. The prices listed below include 1 year of technical support. Additional years of technical support can be purchased at 25% of the original purchase price. Users with current support are eligible for free upgrades to future major versions.

Number of AdminsDiscountCost per Element
1-2 n/a $395 each
3-4 20% $316 each
5-9 25% $296.25 each
10-19 30% $276.50 each
20-49 35% $256.75 each
50+ 40% $237 each

Return Policy: 10% fee for all returns.